High End Application Doors - 80mm Panel

The highly insulated Avians industrial sectional doors-80 mm is particularly suitable for refrigerated warehouses in the food sector. Typically, the energy required to maintain a constant temperature inside these buildings is exceptionally high. The heat or cold loss is minimized, and energy costs are drastically reduced. And due to its great stability, the special door is particularly suitable for windy areas e.g. in coastal regions.
  • Sectional overhead doors are made of high grade pre coated galvanized steel.
  • Sandwich panel 80mm thick filled polyurethane foam.
  • Environment-friendly PUF insulated panels
  • Our industrial sectional doors can achieve sound insulation up to a certain limit
  • Industrial doors are attractive, robust, durable with different type of textures
  • Industrial door systems are adapted to local conditions to facilitate tall buildings.
  • Storm proof: Resistance to high wind loads up to 144 km/h (Optional)
  • 50% greater heat insulation due to thermally separated, 80 mm thick steel sections
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Steel door panel 80mm thick, double-skinned, poly urethane foam (PUF) core
  • Long lasting panels as galvanized and pre-coated steel sheets are used
  • In industrial sectional doors complete sealing on the door prevents dust, air & water
  • High precision hinges made of galvanized steel, roller guide with adjustable ball bearing rollers are provided for smooth movement of the door.
  • Easy-to-integrate side and wicket doors ensure that pedestrian movement can be diversified
  • Industrial sectional doors are maintenance-friendly, resulting in minimal service costs in future
  • Advance electronic drive & control
  • Intelligent safety edge mechanism stops the door if it comes into contact with an obstacle
  • All our door are incorporated with EN safety standards
Technical Specification Description
Product Overhead Sectional Doors – High End Applications
Door Dimension
Width Min. /Max. 2250/ 10000 mm
Height Min. /Max. 1875/ 8000 mm
Max. Sqm : 42.0 Sqm
Larger Dimensions on request
Opening Direction Vertical
Mounting Location Inside
Mounting Surface
  • Concrete
  • Steel construction
Opening/Closing Speed 0.12 – 0.2 mtr / sec
Wind Resistance Up to Class 3
Higher wind resistance on request
Heat Insulation U = 1.1 W/m²k (complete door without wicket door)
Air permeability (by 50 Pa) Class 2- Classification as per EN 12426
Resistance to water penetration Class 3- Classification as per EN 12425
Door Structure
Door Panel Finger safe joint panel; 0.5 mm thick GI precoated sheet in filled with CFC free self extinguishing 80 mm thick Polyurethane foam.
Guide Frame Profiled hot-dip galvanized steel frame having protective strip with EPDM Sealing on both sides.
Bottom Profile Safety Bottom profile EPDM seal optional with sensors
Hinges Galvanized Steel hinges at sides with roller carrier
Galvanized Steel centre hinge
Roller Precisely made Tangential rollers with ball bearings
Fittings Standard fitting(90) High Lift Fitting Vertical Lift Fitting
Inclined roof fitting types on request
Shaft Torsion spring shaft with lateral load-bearing cables
Sealing EPDM upper header seal , floor seal and Center Seal
Panel Type Ribbed profile
Vision Panel Glazing: Rectangular glazing constructed with single or double glazed panels. Standard Vision Panel Size: 725 x 325 mm
Surface Finish Outside : Ribbed with stucco finish; Inside : Stucco finish
Surface Color Standard color similar to RAL 9010 (white)
Details for Automation System
Control Type Deadman /Pulse Control
Drive Unit
  • Electric Motor(European Make )
  • Three Phase
Emergency Operation
  • Manual Hand Crank
  • Optional Manual Hand Chain
Operating Switch Push Button from Inside
Accessories (Optional)
Operational Accessories
  • Additional Push Button
  • Remote Control with receiver
  • Microwave Radar
  • Magnetic Loop Detector
  • Pull Cord Switch
Safety Accessories
  • Safety Photocell
  • Optical wired/wireless safety edge sensor
  • Flashing Light
Limit Switch Mechanical
Auto closing Optional
Certification CE, VDE checked