Bottom Mounted Sliding Doors


Segment paneled doors providing more durability and long life. Suitable for all sizes & types of door opening. Wide range of different appearance as double skin insulated panels & single skin also. Sometimes a top hung system cannot be used, as the weight of the door cannot be supported from above; in this case a bottom rolling system is recommended.

Specially designed high Precision rollers & bearings. Highly impact resistant and corrosion proof. These doors are available as Motorized operated with bottom mounted Italian make motorized system.

Smart and advance drives and controls are perfectly harmonized to guarantee easy assembly and programming. Manually operated version also available. A bottom rolling system consists of two rollers at the bottom of the door running on a track and two guides at the top running in a guide channel. As all the weight of the door is concentrated on the two bottom wheels, more force is needed to move the door than on a top hung system.

  • No additional load on roof
  • Suitable for wider openings
  • Various types of standard and economical range of panels available to suit building structural requirement.
  • Various types of insulations (PUF /thermocol /glass wool / Rockwool) & panel thickness available between 40 mm to 100 mm thickness.
  • Heavy duty bottom track & top mounted guiding track for sliding operation of the door.
  • Bottom roller assembly& top track roller bracket assembly designed for linear motion & top support for the door.
  • Available as motorized operated with bottom mounted Italian make motorized system.
  • Also available as manual operated door.
  • Easy to maintain and install.


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