High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors Introduction

High Speed Door- Avians High Performance Doors are programmed doors utilized for quick access among inside and outside areas of buildings. Automatic High speed doors are designed for safe efficient & simple operation of any internal busy doorways. The Avians are the leading High Speed Door Manufacturers in India. The purpose of high speed doors is smooth and noiseless operation.

The Avians range of High Speed Doors is designed for safe, fast, efficient and simple operation for any internal busy doorways. The door curtain rolls up at a very high speed on the shaft which in turn is directly connected to the high performance drives.

Avians doors are characterized by their high-quality components and well-conceived design. These High Speed Doors can be used both inside and outside in sheltered areas that have low wind loads and moderate temperature. Avians High Speed Roll up Doors curtain are made of high tear tensile strength Imported PVC material. Controlling environment conditions inside the factory. These High speed roll up doors improve the flow of traffic through busy doorways.

Self-supporting structure for simple and reliable operation. Speed adjustment possible in all types of high speed roll up doors. Due to their modern and variable look, our high-speed doors perfectly match architecture of any building. These High Speed Doors are designed to ensure smooth and noiseless operation. Industrial door systems can be used for opening and closing operations with a geared motor.

These High speed doors can be integrated with Touchless solutions that reduces the risk of the spreading of infection in your premises and public areas through contacts. These Touchless solutions can also detect persons with mask, proximity card and temperature of the person.


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