Telescopic Sliding Doors


Telescopic Sliding Doors are space saving technology, suitable where there is less back run space / less door parking space to open the door. Ideal for very large/extra large opening . Partial opening can also be easily achieved In house product designing and manufacturing Specially designed High Grade Multiple Tracks at the top holds the door firmly.

Perfectly noiseless and smooth sliding arrangement Telescopic sliding doors come with high performance dual type top rollers and bottom rollers assembly for a smooth operation of the door Highly impact resistant and corrosion proof Telescopic sliding doors are easy to install and maintain. High Wind resistance capacity.

  • Perfect opening solution of partial sliding (single side or bi parting) of door panels can be decided on the actual space available for door parking.
  • Variety of top tracks & top roller models/designs available which are selected as per the door requirements enhancing the compact sleek look of the overall door.
  • Choice in selecting the panel type according to the application which might be a sandwich panel having PUF/Rockwool Insulation with thickness ranging from 40 mm, 80 mm & 100 mm.
  • Budgetary sliding door selection can be done by tailor made panels of metal sheets or precoated cladding sheets
  • EPDM Sealing to control air loss & dust entry can be suggested as per the site requirement
  • Easy see through via Acrylic vision windows incorporating with the door panels
  • Specially designed heavy duty multiple Top tracks ensure the smooth, easy operation of the door.
  • Specially designed multiple Bottom Guide track avoids oscillation of the door
  • Pedestrian passage interlocked with door within large panels can be incorporated
  • Equipped with automation system suitable for industrial sliding doors of any size & weight which are selected considering the actual usage of the door.
  • A total safety system, automatic sliding doors are designed to meet all operational & safety needs.
  • At each end-track stopper is placed to absorb any impact and to hold the door in the open or closed position


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