PVC Fabric Hangar Door Manufacturers


We provide special Hangar Door Systems for our customers. If you want a door with extraordinary dimension than you have reached the right solution provider - “Avians”

Specifically designed for durability and reliability for heavy industry. We manufacture Hangar Doors from standardized components according to customers’ specifications. We are extremely dependable and our Hanger Doors are require minimal servicing needs. These Hangar Door System are available in steel and PVC fabric material. Our Hangar Door System are meant to withstand desired wind load. In very large openings, like hangar doors, width and height are not limiting factors for our doors

  • The Fabric Hangar Doors leaf is made of two layers of very strong vinyl-coated polyester fabric, separated by metal intermediate sections
  • These Fabric Hangar Doors can sustain extreme weather conditions
  • We Fabric Hangar Door manufacturers make side guide rail and bottom sections from reinforced steel materials. These can also be made from auminium for easy spare part replacement
  • These Fabric Hangar Doors are have very strong sealing on the two sides with a specially-designed guide and fabric position
  • All gearbox and motor system are specially chosen for maximum efficiency. In addition, our specially designed side drum and folding systems provide extra safety and speed


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