Flap Barriers


Our LEAPTOR Flap Barriers is one of the serial products of intelligent passage management system from our company. It possesses superiority incomparable with the traditional management mode. Whether on the control of right of passenger for passing, or on tolling, attendant or counting of the passenger, there will be a great deal of man power and material, a lot of spending, a large amount of work and a very low efficiency resulted with the traditional management mode. However, it is the strong merit point of the intelligent passage management product to solve the problems of this kind. It is the scientific crystallization of the highly development of social civilization and it opens a new era for the scientific management.

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  • With function of self-examine and alarm, it is convenient for maintenance and use.
  • Being able to program running status by the small keyboard in the main board
  • Sound or light alarm function
  • Poles are automatically locked until a opening signal is received.
  • Poles synchronization
  • Automatically reset function: It will automatically lock if the pedestrian hasn’t pass through the channel in the pre-set time after the opening. The passing time is adjustable.
  • Channels automatically open when power off, and automatically close when power on.
  • Several card reading devices are attachable.
  • One direction or bi-direction control is optional.
  • It can be directly controlled and managed by remote control.


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