Dock Shelters


Sheltered, safe and secure material handing is the concern of all the industry especially in the logistics area of any industry where the material is usually prone to dust, rainfall, insects. In order to facilitate sheltered material handling, loading docks are equipped with the dock shelters and dock seal.

Dock shelters and Dock Seals are placed at the exterior of the doors openings & forms a shelter between the dock bay & the lorry while the loading or unloading of the material is taking place. The vehicle reverses into the dock shelters which seals it off giving weather protection during the loading and unloading.

Our range of Dock Shelters and Dock Seals such as retractable dock shelters & inflatable dock shelters are form an effective seal between the truck, trailer and building and are most suitable at sites when a tight seal is needed.

  • Dock Shelters are best solution for energy-saving.
  • A complete range of Dock shelters such as dock seal, retractable & Inflatable are available to suit different types of vehicles
  • The Dock Shelters provides improved working conditions and reduces the draught into the building
  • Front Frame of Aluminium & rare of Galvanized are linked by pantographs making it possible for the structure to retract in case of incorrect alignment of the vehicle.
  • For extreme use, loading systems recommends reinforced side cushions by means of overlapping armoured plates
  • Side sealing arrangement at bottom at both side of vehicle to prevent entry of dust, foreign particle can be provided

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