P Type Gates


Our LEAPTOR P Type Swing Gates is a controlling device designed for places with relatively large aisle width to manage access control and passenger flow. It is mainly used for entry/exit of persons in wheel chairs, individuals with carts, trolleys and over sized packages. It is widely used in stations, subway, factories, libraries, theaters, enterprises, convention centers, sport venues, tourist attractions, hotels, clubs, etc.P type swing gate has a unified and standard external electrical interface which can be connected with a variety of identification devices such as IC card, ID card, barcode and fingerprint. P type swing gates are designed for bi-directional operations that swings 90 deg in both directions and operate in three modes that are: Infrared trigger, normally close and emergency mode.

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  • Bi- directional gate
  • Maximum opening of 980 mm
  • Indoors and Outdoors Usages
  • Processed for anti-rust, daintiness, safety. Easy cleaning and Maintenance
  • Fail safe function in case of emergency and power close
  • Automatic reset if the person does not pass
  • Automatic Lock in case no authorized signals are received
  • Manage Access Control in one-way or two-way at the same time
  • ID card or Biometric readers (optional) (both sides)
  • Reliable and stable automatic lockup design for the tripod arms.


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